Set Goals To Challenge Yourself

We have made our way into 2018 and personally I have been working constantly to get my business back on track. Going through this has allowed me to realize that I need to set goals both short term and long term. These goals have to be a challenge, but not a challenge that can not be accomplished.

The goals you set have to be ones that motivate you no matter how small or large. They need to be important enough to you so that they are something you want to actually achieve. If the goal doesn’t interest you then it will not be something you want to accomplish. In order to accomplish these goals they have to be smart goals.

There is an acronym for the word smart that will help

Time Bound

You want to set specific goal that are clear and defined. Vague or generalized goals are not helpful since they don’t provide any direction. You will need to measure and be precise whether it is an amount set or a date for when you want to accomplish these goals. You only want goals that are attainable and are relevant to your life, business or career. Keep all of your aligned in how they should be achieved by your deadlines set.

Writing down your goals make them feel real and will help you not forget what you wanted to achieve. Always say that you “will” accomplish these written goals. Saying you will is a statement of power and provides passion to keep you from being sidetracked. After writing your goals out post them in a visible place to remind yourself every day of what you want to accomplish.

Be prepared to write out every step along the way so that you can cross them out as you complete them. You will begin to realize that you are making progress towards your ultimate goal. This is extremely important if your goal is big and demanding or is a long-term goal.

Always stick with your goal, It is an ongoing activity and not just a means to an end. Build in reminders to insure that you stay on track. Get your friends and family involved so that you are not alone in the battle to accomplish these goals.

With all of this said and done what exactly is my goals for 2018.

Goal 1 – T-Shirt(Paid on Demand Business) – I currently have 500 slots to fill on Merch by Amazon with 190 active listings. I will fill the rest of the slots in 31 days. These should be up by 2/17/18.

Goal 2 – eBay/Amazon business – I will list all unlisted items by 04/31/18. Create a sku system to make finding eBay products with ease.

Goal 3 – E-commerce Business – I will hire out at least 1 other designer, 1 Esty lister and 1 eBay lister. This will help me in being successful with other goals listed. As 1 person I would not be able to list all products myself as it requires more time than I currently have.

Goal 4 – T-Shirt(Paid on Demand Business) – I will start selling on average 500 shirts or more a month by 08/31/17.

Goal 5 – E-commerce Business – I will increase products available for purchase on Amazon through sourcing products after Goal 2 is accomplished.

Goal 6 – T-Shirt(Paid on Demand Business) – I will have all of my t-shirt products listed on eBay and Etsy By 9/30/18. At this same time I will tiered up with Merch by Amazon to tier 1000 or better.

Goal 7 – E-commerce Business – I will have my business back to break even By 12/31/18. Doing this will allow new opportunities for my business in 2019.

In my goals, I did not mention how much I want to make in sales as this is not the important part of 2018. The important part of 2018 is that I want to get my business back on track.

I would love to hear about your goals in the comments. Let’s keep each other motivated to accomplish our goals.

Here’s to a successful 2018! Don’t forget to challenge yourself!

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