Earning Passive Income Designing T-Shirts and Selling Them Online.

The internet is an amazing place whether you a normal person trying to add additional income to make ends meet or an entrepreneur trying to start a business. It has never been so easy to earn some extra money. Let’s take creating and selling t-shirts for instance.

Have you ever had felt like you would come up with an idea for a shirt that would be a hit amongst your friends, needed shirts for a family gathering or an event like a little league team for your kids?

What if I told you it was simple to design a shirt and list it on various websites like Amazon, Etsy, Tee Spring, Red Bubble, etc. However, you might be asking yourself questions?

  • Does it cost a lot of money to get started?
  • Do I have to use my own designs
  • Can I set my own prices
  • Where will I sell my T-shirts
  • How much money can I earn?

You are in luck as we have all of the answer you will need!

Below you’ll find some of the companies available to use that can help you earn some extra income by designing T-Shirts online.

1. Merch By Amazon

Merch by Amazon was announced in September 2015 and has become a platform used by many content creators. Allowing you to design, create and sell your own products on their platform. Making it convenient for buyers to find your products and even receive it if they are an Amazon Prime member allowing same-day shipping and two day shipping if they spend more than $25 dollars. All other customers will have the option to purchase ground shipping or pay more for faster shipping.

Using Merch by Amazon, you have no up front costs and you have the ability to set your own royalty amounts. You set your prices to be competitive making a few cents or profitable where you can earn some serious extra cash with each sale. You don’t ever have to worry about unsold stock as they will print your product after each sale.

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2. TeeSpring

Teespring is like crowdfunding except only with shirt purchases. It is 100% free to use and sell shirts you design yourself. Simply use the online designer to create your product with either uploading your design or using clipart from their websites. After designing your shirt you will have to set a sales goal or tipping point which would be the minimum you need to sell in order to have your shirts printed. You will be able to share your campaign via email, your website or even your favorite social media platforms. Don’t worry your customers won’t be charged unless your campaign is successful and reaches the minimum needed. Once your campaign officially ends, shirts will be printed and shipped out to your customers. Leaving you to be sent a check for the profit of shirts sold.

There are some factors to figuring out exactly how much you can each. It all varies on designs and style of shirt. You could use a basic text or one with a design to it. If you were to choose a basic shirt that costs $5.75 and add a design with text for a total cost of $7.40 per shirt. You can choose your retail price which let’s say would sell the shirts for $13.00 each with a goal of selling 50 shirts. Once your campaign is successful it would give you a profit of around $280. If you sell more shirt, the higher your profits would be.

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3. Zazzle

Zazzle is perfect for any designer to upload and sell your own artwork on t-shirts and various other products. Once you open up a free designer store including choosing your own store name. You will be able to select a product to add your design amd post them for sale. Zazzle includes a large selection of products; T-Shirts, coffee mugs, wall art, office supplies, electronic accessories and much, much more!

Best of all there are no upfront costs and you set your own royalty rates that can be anywhere from 5% to 99%. Zazzle produces the products and ships everything directly to the customer.

Even if you don’t have design skills you can become a Zazzle associate where you can link and share your favorite shops or items made by others while still earning a commission!

T-Shirts are priced a little higher out of the gate, but a decent profit still can be made. Plus there isn’t a minimum amount you have to sell.

Again, there are many variables here. For example you can create a simple design and place it on a t-shirt will run you $19.95, then you set the percentage of your royalty rate. So if you choose a 20% royalty rate, your shirt will sell for $23.95, earning you a profit of $4.55 per shirt after the 24 cent transaction fee (which only applies when your royalty rate is set at 20% or above). Sell 50 shirts, earn about $227.

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4. Spreadshirt

Spreadshirt allows you to upload your designs to the marketplace and sell to the Spreadshirt audience. You can even open your own online shop for free and sell your to your designated audience. You set your own commission. At Spreadshirt, accounts are free and you have control over your profit margin.

There is something for everyone with over 150 different products to choose from.

If you a great designer you can create your own designs and earn $1.50 or more by selling your designs to other creators for their products.

You can also create tees, either with your designs or the designs made by others. Creating a simple t-shirt that cost $14.20, then added a design for $4.50, so the cost to make the shirt was $18.70. At that point, you tack on your commission — whatever amount you’d like based on your design and what you think you can earn. I would stick around the same pricing as the other sites to stay competitive, so I chose a commission of $4.00 per shirt, bringing the selling price up to $22.70. Selling 50 shirts would net me a profit of 200 dollars.

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5. Cafepress

At Cafepress you can sell your artwork on t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, posters and bumper stickers in their Marketplace for free or even set up your own branded online shop to sell on your website for around $5-1 a month depending on the options you choose.

Even big brands are using Cafepress like ABC, Paramount, Sprout and National Geographic among the shop owners.

They even offer crowdfunded t-shirts and apparel through their platform, Tfund. No upfront costs are need. You design your product, create the campaign, set a goal and sell your t-shirts. Don’t forget to spread the word via Social Media and once you reach your goal, collecting your profits.

Tfund allows you to set your own pricing. The more you sell the more you will make. Prices vary to create a shirt depending on your design and text, but for a simple shirt with text and a graphic and listed it for $20. You can earn profit even with as few as 10 shirts ($63.10). Selling 50 shirts would net a whopping $410! (And remember, that’s on a $20 shirt!) This is a great option if you’re looking to crowdfund.

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6. Blue Cotton

Blue Cotton is a company with 20 years of experience and guarantees their quality. They are a custom print t-shirt shop that includes an amazing design studio. With Blue Cotton individuals will order shirts for personal use or to have stock on hand for a physical storefront. Even though they don’t offer an online store option for you to sell your shirts, they do offer campaigns as a way for you to make extra money.

With campaigns there is no risk and no worry about inventory. You design the t-shirts, set the price, add a description and set your goal. Sharing your campaign any way possible whether it’s on social media, website or email. When the campaign is over your customers will receive their shirts and you will receive a nice check via PayPal with the profits you made.

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7. Printful

Printful is one of our favorite platforms to use and gives you the benefits of running a store without all the hassles. No minimum purchases, no monthly fees and no inventory on hand. If you already have a store or are planning on opening one this is an excellent choice. Printful can easily integrate with such options as Etsy, Shopify, Amazon, Storenvy, Woo Commerce, Inktale and more. If you don’t have a store what are you waiting on? T-shirts start at $9.99 a shirt. They also have a whole lineup of items you can put your designs on including leggings, pillows, posters, tote bags, towels, cell phone case, and more.

If you want to start up an Etsy store Click Here To Sign Up. If you sign up through our link you will receive 40 free listings. Anything after will cost your $.20 per listing.

If you want to start up an InkTale store Click Here To Sign Up.

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8. Threadless

At Threadless, you make the art and they will do the rest! You can open your customizable artist shop for free and sell anywhere around the world. You set your own prices and earn a profit on anything over the base cost of the merchandise. T-shirts and tanks have a base cost of $15; if you sell for $25 you will earn $10 per shirt. That is not bad at all when you consider there are no minimums or shipping fees and they handle everything else from inventory to customer care.

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9. Red Bubble

Want to take your designs global. Red Bubble should be your choice. It is a Global Marketplace for Independent Artists. You create and upload your designs to sell on various products including t-shirts, vinyl stickers, posters, cases and more. They give you total control of what you sell your art for, just add your margin to their base price and list your products. Most artists earn around 17%, but it is truly up to you to decide. Redbubble does all of the work for you including the sale transactions, printing, arranging delivery and providing customer service. Redbubble is free to sign up and has no monthly fees; it’s another great way to get started earning money online designing t-shirts.

Upload quicker with iMacro. Read About iMacros Here

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10. Tee Public

TeePublic is a good option even if you are not an artist or designer. You are able to make money with this t-shirt company two different ways. You can create your own designs and upload them to products for your store. This earns you a set commssion that varies by the product, but ranges from $2.00-$8.00 on shirts, tanks and hoodies.

You can also become a partner with a merch store. This is a neat option since you can feauture different shirt or products from other artists. You get to choose what you like and what to carry in your store. You earn a generous 31% commission on sales of your own merchandise and 11% on existing TeePublic designs. Even if you don’t design products you can still make money online selling t-shirts.

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11. Society6

Society 6 is known for selling art prints, you can add t-shirts to the mix once you have uploaded your design for a print. We included it here since most people who designs t-shirts are artists. So this could become a viable option as a way to sell your artwork on many items including t-shirts.

One thing that might be a downfall is that unlike other platforms you can not set your own prices on most products including t-shirts, travel mugs and throw pillows. So you will earn a profit but it will be a commission based off of their base price of the products. T-shirts would earn you a profit of $2.40, tank tops $2.20, and long sleeve shirts $2.80. Even with knowing that it is not bad considering there is no minimums and no cost to sign up. It may be worth signing up if you’re an artist. you can even share your unique creator link with friends, family and followers through email or on your social media platforms. Making yourself a cut of their purchase.

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Hopefully with this list of companies you can begin your own journey selling your own products online.

If you know of any other resources for designing t-shirts let us know in the comments.

Any links that redirect you to our Amazon listings will contain an affiliate link. Any purchases made after clicking on these links we will receive a small commission from Amazon. These commissions will allow us to bring you even more quality designs.
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